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Head Check

At Lice Lifters®, we understand that accurate diagnosis is the foundation of effective treatment. That’s why the first step in our lice removal process is a thorough head check performed by one of our knowledgeable and compassionate technicians. Using a specialized lice comb, our certified technician will carefully examine the hair and scalp to confirm the presence of lice. In the event that lice are detected, our technician will provide you with information on the available treatment options and guide you through the selection process. Plus, the cost of the head check will be applied towards the treatment option you choose, making the diagnostic process seamless and affordable. At Lice Lifters®, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of care and ensuring a successful outcome.

Lice Lifters Treatment

At Lice Lifters®, we take pride in our guaranteed lice removal process, which starts with the application of our Lice Lifters Mousse by one of our certified technicians. Our specially formulated mousse is designed to stun the lice and loosen the nits, or eggs, which are firmly attached to the hair follicles by the female louse using a glue-like substance. This step is crucial in preparing for the comb-out stage, which is the most effective way to remove the nits. Our skilled technician will utilize a specialized lice comb to gently remove the nits and any lice that may be present. Once the comb-out is complete, we will apply our Lice Lifters Solution, which is a powerful lice-killing treatment that will eliminate any remaining live lice activity in the hair. Our comprehensive treatment process ensures that all stages of the lice life cycle are addressed, resulting in a successful outcome and a lice-free head.

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What Makes Our Lice Lifters Treatment Different From The Rest?

At Lice Lifters®, we believe in using only the safest and most effective products for our clients. That’s why all of our lice removal products, available at our Chester County treatment center, are 100% natural and gentle enough for everyday use. We offer a range of at-home kits and products for purchase that are specifically designed to address all stages of the lice life cycle, making our solutions effective for all types of head lice. Our natural products are even powerful enough to tackle so-called “super lice,” which have grown resistant to the toxins found in other lice products.

The Lice Lifters Difference

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